By: Jeff Riger

I realize that every red-blooded American is caught up in the “Breaking Bad” craze and I’m one of them.  I wonder how it will end.  Will Walt die?  Will Hank die?  If Walt lives, will he divorce Skylar; he really should, she is one annoying… ok, I’m getting carried away.  Let me reel it back in!

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With all the pub and hype that “Breaking Bad” gets I feel that the season finale of “Dexter” has been off the radar and after watching almost the entire season, maybe that’s a good thing!


You see the last season of “Dexter” has been boring, uneventful and frankly really disappointing so far.  From the creators that brought us the Bay Harbor Butcher, The Trinity Killer and Rita naked, how could this season let me down this much?


There was a time when I believed Dexter was the best thing on TV and now, I feel like it’s a chore getting through these final episodes, just to see how it ends?


The show has pretty much kept to the same script for its entirety.  Dexter finds out about a killer, stalks the killer, proves the killer is, well a killer and then builds a kill room wearing his kill shirt to kill the killer.  It’s his ritual and it works.  In fact the reason everybody loves Dexter is because he’s providing a great service to the citizens of Miami.  He’s cleaning up the trash while following Harry’s code.


Sure there have been other storylines along the way, but it has always centered on Dexter Morgan and his life as a serial killer and that is how it should be.


So in the final season, I expected something different.  I wanted the writers to tie up all loose ends, shock everybody and kill Dexter and then we could all be on our way.  But it hasn’t been like that at all.  Instead of bringing the show to a close, it seems like the people in charge have forgot that this is the last season.


They killed Evelyn Vogel!


Ok great, she was kind of annoying, but what was her purpose anyway?  We don’t know her real story, they never felt the need to tell us and really there was never a need for her to begin with.  She was just time filler.  Sure she’s the Brain Surgeon’s mother but who cares?  The Brain Surgeon didn’t need a mother or a dead brother or any family storyline for that matter.  Don’t get me wrong, I liked that she helped Harry mold Dexter into the killer that he is, but I could have gone the rest of my life with thinking Harry did it himself.


What was Zack’s purpose?


I loved the idea of Zack having a mentor in Dexter!  I even thought that they could end the show with killing Dexter and Zack taking over the stalking and killing and such.  But then they killed Zack!  There was no purpose for Zack to exist, and the only thing that he really killed besides his Fathers girlfriend was time.  Just as I started to like the kid and think there was a future for him, the Brain Surgeon killed him.


And, then there is Hannah McKay!


She’s hot, she’s really, really, hot and she’s a very good character too, but she was so last season…


It appears that she and Dexter will run away together, never to be heard from again.


What a lame ending, if that indeed is how it ends?

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Forget about the fact that Harrison will have to find a new hot Nanny, and the Miami PD is losing one hell of a forensics guy.  But Deb, will be gone too; the one person that knows exactly who Dexter is and accepts him.  What kind of crappy ending is that?


By the way, speaking of Deb, I really like what they have done with here in the last couple seasons; she looks really good and less like a boy with every passing episode.


This season has been insulting!  Instead of figuring our someway to end this thing the right way, the writers have essentially recycled old characters and storylines, hoping to end it as soon as possible and move on to their next projects.


This is the last f*&king season of Dexter!  Honor it instead of being lazy!


There are way too many loose ends to take care of now, so no matter what happens in the final two episodes, it will feel rushed.  This final season should have been about Dexter trying to stay alive, not get caught and stay off somebody else’s kill table but instead he’s going through a normal seasons actions.


Think of the options the writers had…


They could have had Dexter wind up on the state of Florida’s kill table, and ended it all with giving him a lethal injection.  That would have been intense.  That would have meant that Miami PD finally figured out what the killer amongst them was really all about.  Isn’t it sad that Dexter’s coworkers will never figure out who truly is responsible for all the unsolved murders, or killings that have been attributed to somebody else?  Yeah they’re great at their jobs.


What about having Deb kill him?  Dexter takes her for granted anyway and he is a killer.  How cool would it have been if Deb rights a wrong that happens to be her brother by offing him?  Dexter essentially forced her to kill her INNOCENT Lieutenant.  She continues to struggle with that fact.  Maybe killing Dexter could help her cope?


Hell, they could have even thought completely out of the box and had Deb take over the family business?  She could have kept her job with Elway during the day and killed murderers by night.  Now that would have been fun!  The Morgan siblings cleaning up the streets of Miami together!  I love it.  After they kill some guilty dude, they can have a steak and a couple beers.  It would have been the perfect ending!


Bottom line, none of the above is happening and that’s a bummer.


I realize that my expectations are probably way too high and that nothing would satisfy me, but it doesn’t even seem like the writers have even tried this season and frankly I find that disrespectful.


I will never forget the greatness of past seasons, but this last one along with my disappointment will stay with me for a while.


So what do you think?


Let me know!

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