DETROIT (WWJ) – The home where Eminem spent most of his teenage years is on the auction block. WWJ’s Sandra McNeill stopped by the house on Dresden Street on Detroit’s east side.

The Michigan Land Bank (web) has put the home once owned by the rapper’s mother, Debbie Nelson, up for sale.

The brick bungalow sits behind tall weeds and is boarded up in a block where nearly every home appears to be vacant and some stripped of anything valuable.

MMLP (Wikipedia)

MMLP (Wikipedia)

The home was pictured on the Marshall Mather’s LP (MMLP) in 2000 and residents in the neighborhood aren’t impressed with the empty gold brick home .

The property has had several owners since Eminem lived there and has been in foreclosure at least twice in past decade.

Lillian Johnson lives on Dresdan, the street once lived on by a teenage Marshall Mathers.

“Looks very bad – needs to be tore down,” said Johnson.

But Detroit resident Kay Morris says she’d entertain living in the home where Eminem once lived:

“I think I would move into it since I knew he lived here – he’s a legend – so why not?” said Morris.

There is no minimum bid but the taxes on the home are listed between seven and eight thousand dollars a year.

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