Local filmmakers! The 48 Hour Film Project is calling your name again! This time around, it’s a special themed competition and guess who’s on the guest list? Detroit!

That’s right – the 48 Hour Film Project is expanding beyond the original, nationally-celebrated short film contest – into a one specific genre-themed weekend. Detroit is in a group of only four other cities across the country that will be hosting this brand new concept for the 48 Hour Film Project (the renowned annual event challenging filmmakers to put together a film from start to finish, all in 48 hours).

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So, we’re sure you’re all just dying to know what the theme of the contest will be…right?! It’s horror! Just in time for Halloween!

Take note, interested contestants: The competition will take place over the weekend of November 8 through the 10.

CBS 62 sat down with Detroit’s producer of the 48 Hour Film Project, Mike Madigan, to hear all of the insider details about this new development. “The horror genre is always one of the most exciting and popular genre selections during the 48 Hour Film Project cycle,” Mike told us, “With the advent of Halloween season, it seemed like a perfect time to extend the competition and put a focus on taking the horror genre and expanding our fun and creativity as Detroit-area filmmakers within the 48-hour film timeline.”

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Why does Detroit make this list of first-run cities? Mike said, “Detroit remains one of the largest cities on a national scope in terms of the level of team participation of our annual 48 Hour Film Project.  Last year, as part of a pilot, we tried a 48 Hour Music Video Contest but there wasn’t quite the level of response and interest we had hoped there would be.” He adds, “Even though the competition is running after Halloween, by announcing it early, teams can still hit up the Halloween stores (or get the discounts after Halloween) as they get ready to compete.” Interested filmmakers, this is your insider tip – hit up the local Halloween stores!

Now the question everyone is pondering…will it be the same set of rules? Mike tells us all of the same rules still apply for this special competition. “There will still be a character, prop, and line of dialogue that you’ll have to incorporate into your film.  However, the main change is that the length of your film will be a minimum of three and a maximum of six which is different from the four to seven ratio.”

Mike also adds that Detroit is apart from other cities competing in that contestants won’t choose a sub-genre of horror. Hear that, filmmakers? Your imaginations are the limit – as long as it’s a horror-themed film and fits with the rest of the rules of the contest, that is!

“Detroit filmmakers have always had a love affair with the horror genre. This genre seemed like a more logical choice for our area, while still having all the support from the 48 Hour Film Project on a national scope,” Mike said. So, filmmakers, the question is to you: do you want to make Detroit proud?!

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The kick-off is Friday, November 8 at 6:30pm sharp at M-1 Studios in Ferndale. Teams will find their character, line of dialogue, and prop at the kick-off event. To find more information or to sign up to compete against other local filmmakers, visit the 48 Hour Film Project website here!