DETROIT (WWJ) – Announced Friday as the city’s new assistant police chief, Detroit Police Department veteran Eric Jones made a lofty pledge.

He said he’ll work to get Detroit off the list of the nation’s most dangerous cities.

“No more,” Jones said, at a news conference to announce promotion from inspector. “As we sit here and as we discussed, that is our goal.

“Instead of being in the top 10 most violent, we’re going to be in the top 10 safest, largest cities,” he said, “and whoever wants to be a part of that, this is the team.”

Jones said he’s given a great deal of thought to how to  curb Detroit’s homicide problem.

“Fugitives. There are a lot of wanted people walking around here, not looking … over their shoulders,” Jones said. “The citizens are looking over their shoulders, so, we’re going to ramp up our fugitive apprehension, and increase or improve our case management.”

Detroit Police Chief James Craig, on the job in this city since June, said he’s retaining current James White as assistant chief — so, there will be two.

Also announced on Friday, Former Deputy Chief Gerard Simon came out of retirement to head the department’s Homeland Security operations and Lt. Darwin Roche was named Community Liason, a new position.

Kelly Miner was named head of media relations, and Celia Banks-Washington, former attorney for the Board of Police Commissioners, was formally announced as the department’s legal adviser following her appointment last month

Craig said all the promotions and appointments were made on merit — adding that there will no longer be promotions within the department among friends and family.

Craig said he hopes these changes will send a message.

“Because the people of Detroit have been waiting for a long time for this to turn around,” said Craig. “The men and women who wear the uniform, the cops on the beat, have been waiting a long time for leadership — and I’m gonna give them that.

“That’s my commitment,” he said.

Craig said other changes to the department in the coming months will include the elimination of seven commanders. He also plans on dissolving Detroit police districts, going back to precinct commands.

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