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By: Jeff Riger

Prince Fielder was impressive on Thursday! Not only did the first basemen go 3 for 4 with a RBI but he also had a steal, a steal of somebody’s nacho chip.

Prince was chasing down a foul ball down the first base line, a journey that took him near the stands. Despite not catching the ball, he did get something for his efforts; a chip from an unsuspecting fan’s nacho tray. Fielder ate the chip as he returned to his position at first and then was ready for action.
“I don’t even think he noticed it” Fielder said when asked if the fan noticed his chip being swapped.
Fielder claims this is the first time borrowing food from the fans. “I’ve never taken a chip man, it looked good, the cheese would have been better though” Fielder said.

Prince thought about dipping the chip in the nacho cheese too but he was worried that the owner of the nachos was a “double dipper.”

Listen to the media scrum below with Prince as he talks about the chip incident, his slide into home plate and if Jim Leyland should ever pinch run for him?

Also make sure to watch the incident in case you haven’t seen it, we have provided that for you as well.


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