DETROIT (WWJ) – An Oakland County doctor accused of intentionally misdiagnosing patients and ordering unnecessary treatments will remain in jail until trial.

Dr. Farid Fata asked a federal judge Wednesday to lower his bond from $9 million to $500,000.

But Judge Paul Borman instead ruled there would be no bond.

WWJ Legal Analyst Charlie Langton was in the court room when the decision was made.

“The judge cited that the doctor was a likely flight risk, that he has significant ties to Lebanon — he owns a house there, he recently visited there, and he’s got substantial family in Lebanon,” Langton reported. “Also, the doctor has the means to flee, having received nearly $169 million for Medicare.”

Prosecutors say they’re still not sure if they’ve found all his money.

Outside the courthouse, about a dozen people protested against Fata’s possible release. One sign read, “Without fail Fata will jump bail.”

Fata is charged with committing fraud to enrich himself through health insurance programs. The government says some patients were repeatedly exposed to powerful drugs despite having no cancer. Fata denies it.

Liz Lupo, whose mother was a patient of Dr. Fata, talked to reporters at the courthouse.

“I’m thrilled; we couldn’t have had a better outcome,” Lupo said. “I’m not a vengeful person. I’m not one of the people saying he should have chemo treatments like he gave his patients … But something has to be done.”

Fata faces 10 years in prison and deportation if convicted.

A trial date was set for Feb. 4.

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