DETROIT (WWJ) – While the Detroit Tigers are 1-and-1 in their ALDS division series against the Oakland A’s, fans are glad to see them playing at home Monday afternoon in game 3 of their best-of-five series. But it’s not just fans who are happy; the bars and restaurants are thrilled they have a couple of games at home, too.

That’s because it means big business for places like Cheli’s Chili Bar, which is right by Comerica Park. One of the managers, Katie Sperry, says they’d prefer a night game, but they’ll still see a 20 percent spike in business.

“Every game is busy, but playoff games – no matter what day or what time they’re at – they’re always a lot busier,” Sperry said. “So, we’re really excited for that.”

Omar Mitchell, manager, Rub BBQ Pub

Omar Mitchell, manager, Rub BBQ Pub

The game also means a lot of food over at Rub Barbecue Pub on West Adams Street, according to manager Omar Mitchell.

“Regular games we order about 500 pounds worth of meat; playoffs, we double it – so between 1,000 and 1,200 pounds,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell says they’ll go through about 120 kegs of beer, too.

You can hear the game live on 97.1 The Ticket. First pitch is set for 1:07pm.