DETROIT (WWJ) – No matter if they’re right or left-leaning, a new poll reveals a majority of Americans have soured to Congress.

“We may be a divided country, but if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s hating Congress,” Tom Jensen of Public Policy Polling told WWJ Newsradio 950.

The poll of 502 registered voters found that Congress’ approval rating is at 10 percent among Republicans, 7 percent with Democrats, and 8 percent among those who identified themselves as independents.

Jensen said Congress even loses when compared to some pretty gross stuff.

“Hemorrhoids beat Congress 53 to 41; dog poop beat Congress, 47-40; toenail fungus, 44-41; even cockroaches 44-42,” said Jensen.

Respondents also said they prefer jury duty to Congress, 73 to 18; and pot holes to Congress, 47 to 36.

Voters said they even have a higher opinion of zombies, 43 to 37 percent; and witches, 46 to 32; and hipsters, 42 to 22. Mothers-in-law beat Congress as well, 64 to 20.

“And perhaps most shocking — voters say they like the IRS more to Congress, 42 to 33,” Jensen said. “When you’re losing out in polls to the IRS, that’s pretty bad news … It’s hard to find things that can match up against Congress and Congress doesn’t lose.”

Respondents did say they like the legislative body more than war-torn Syria, mass-murderer Charles Manson, pop-star Miley Cyrus, actress Lindsay Lohan and the dance fad, “twerking.”

PPP surveyed registered voters between October 4-6, 2013. The margin of error for the overall survey is plus or minus 4.4 percent. [See complete poll results HERE].