DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit police plan to step up patrols of some downtown parking areas after more than a dozen vehicles were broken into during a Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk on Saturday.

Commander of the Department’s Downtown Services, Renee Hall, says don’t leave valuables in your vehicles.

“There is so much information inside of a cellular phone , especially these i-Phones. They have all of your information & all of the information for individuals that you communicate with on a regular basis, so that’s pretty much like leaving your social security number, driver’s license & everything laying on your seat.”

“Whenever we leave our vehicles in and make sure that we are not leaving a cellular phone, laptop bag anything of value on the seats, in the car,” she said. “We know that crime is about opportunity.”

She said that the city of Detroit does have enforcement areas in place for some monitored parking areas but adds “we need to increase those numbers to ensure that those individuals who are visiting our city that their merchandise and they, themselves, are actually safe.”

Hall says cell phones and bags were stolen from vehicles parked on Woodward and Sibley.