DETROIT (WWJ) — Compuware Corp. (Nasdaq:CPWR) announced a renewed partnership between its Uniface Business Unit and Israel’s leading ERP software supplier, One1, to deliver a superior ERP customer experience through an enhanced user interface; and faster, more flexible service through cloud deployment.

“Uniface continues to build its partner ecosystem, driving new levels of collaboration and delivering additional technical functionality to enable our partners to maintain their leadership advantage,” said Aad van Schetsen, senior vice president for Compuware Uniface. “One1’s decision to renew our partnership followed months of face-to-face meetings and numerous visits to our development lab in Amsterdam, where we explained our strategy and product roadmap and listened to their requirements and objectives. This announcement supports our vision of collaboration to help Uniface’s ecosystem of partners to be even more successful.”

Using Uniface allows One1 to develop and enhance its market-leading ERP system quickly and cost-effectively, meeting its customers’ requirements for an exceptional ‘look and feel’ coupled with the ability to use the latest devices, including mobile. In addition, Uniface helps One1 take advantage of technologies such as cloud to ensure it always delivers services as flexibly and economically as possible.

“One1 has reviewed its partnership with Uniface over the years, most recently when planning to update our user interface and deploy our ERP application in the cloud,” said Oded Shahar, vice president for infrastructure and integration at One1. “We’ve evaluated many possibilities but decided that Uniface is still our best option, and we’re happy to announce our renewed partnership today. In a fast-moving market, One1’s ERP solution needs to keep up with technological advances like cloud and mobile. However, our clients also demand heavily customized solutions. Therefore, we need a highly productive development environment, and one that enables modernization without significant rework. We also need a partner who is committed to our success and that of our customers. Over our 20-plus years of collaboration with Uniface that’s what we’ve had, and we’re looking forward to many more years of strong partnership.”

Organizations like One1 are working hard to modernize applications, including traditional systems of record as well as the more modern applications of engagement. Modernizing existing applications is frequently the most cost-effective and productive way for an organization to meet the demand for enhanced, innovative applications.

“Our goal is to provide developers with the industry’s most productive capabilities that enable technology that really makes a difference to business,” said Adrian Gosbell, director of product management of Compuware Uniface. “As One1’s experience shows, Uniface continues to deliver on that vision by providing a rich set of services and functionality that simplifies the process of modernizing both Uniface and, increasingly, non-Uniface applications.”

“We were able to migrate to the cloud seamlessly and with minimal recoding,” Shahar said. “It would have taken us at least five years to take a cloud product to market with .NET and C#. With Uniface, it took less than 18 months. And I believe it’s the first, and so far the only, truly cloud-based ERP solution available in Israel.”

One1’s third-generation ERP solution, One1View, modernized using Uniface 9.5, is designed to provide the following benefits:
• Screens that have the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Office.
• Screens that are fully integrated with Word and Excel so users no longer need to navigate to a separate screen when they want to use a spreadsheet, for example.
• Personalization so that users can individualize their screens extensively. For example, with Uniface it has always been easy to support a range of languages, so the same screen can display either right-to-left Hebrew or a left-to-right script — essential for our international clients.

Hevel Maoon, the biggest packing factory in Israel, has become one of the first customers to benefit from One1View. The ease of use of the updated solution has resulted in the successful implementation of complicated processes, unique to the packing industry.

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