By Dan Jenkins
Special to CBS Detroit

It’s the time of year when the office is decked in orange and black and the occasional coworker dresses up in their favorite costume to get a rise from workmates.

Some of the most popular adult costumes this year include Duck Dynasty characters, Miley Cyrus, and Ylvis’ “The Fox.”

97.1 The Ticket’s Mike Valenti is not buying in. The adult costume industry is larger than ever, but Valenti believes the get-ups should be kept out of the office.

“The only time adults should dress up is for a Halloween party,” Valenti said on his radio show Thursday. “It’s a holiday about nothing, it’s for kids. Let them get the candy and enjoy it. Adults need to grow up and do their job. You’re at work, it’s not a party. It’s not cute, ironic, or funny.”

Do you still dress up for Halloween? If so, do you wait until after you punch out, or does the office get to enjoy your costume with you?

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