DETROIT (WWJ) – Four Academy Award winning actors (Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline) star in “Last Vegas,” but disappointingly, the film just doesn’t live up to its potential. After watching the trailer – and chuckling out loud while doing so – I was looking forward to watching the four legends enjoying a weekend of fun and games in Sin City – and laughing along as they did so.

But instead of fun and games, De Niro’s character, Paddy, sulks for just about the entire film. He’s holding a longtime grudge against one of his three best friends from childhood, Billy (Douglas). Despite attempts by the other three to shake him out of his misery, it goes onnnnn and onnnnn and on.

The four are in Las Vegas for a bachelor party for Billy, a lifelong bachelor who finally decides to marry his girlfriend, who’s half his age. They’re supposed to be having so much fun that “it’s going to be legendary.” There are some moments of fun, but that’s the problem; they’re just moments and they’re just too few and far between. Even the bachelor party that the story leads up to lacks the excitement it promises.

“Last Vegas” also stars Mary Steenburgen as Diana, who’s in her second career as a lounge singer. Curtis (50 Cent) Jackson also pops in for an appearance.

Watch the trailer here:

See you at the movies!

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