EAST LANSING (97.1 The Ticket) – We traveled to Ann Arbor and East Lansing to check the barometer of MSU / U of M hate on the streets and amongst students.

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Do you hate your rival team and its fans more than things like politics, spam email, stepping in dog poo? Not surprisingly, neither do students on each team’s campus.

The idea of kicking a puppy to secure a U of M win gave pause to a couple of fans.

However, a majority of fans would go on a date with a family member if it meant that their team would win.

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When asked to describe a MSU fan in one word, U of M students said: dumb, ew, slow, backward, etc … When the question was reversed, MSU fans said: arrogant, Walmart, obnoxious, etc …

We also happened upon a group of University of Michigan Glee Club members who treated us to a rousing rendition of the school’s fight song. Which we learned is much longer than the one most of us are used to hearing.

We’re still not sure what was going on with the couple of acting students dressed as clowns we met, but they were sure “something.”

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What about you? Would you date a family member or slap a baby if it meant MSU or Michigan would embarrass their opponent and take home the coveted Paul Bunyan Trophy? Leave a comment and let us know.