GRAND RAPIDS (WWJ) — If you’re wondering how shippers accomplish same-day delivery to last-minute shoppers, you can look at a company in Grand Rapids that has turned the humble conveyor belt into some serious high tech.

Dematic, a German-owned supplier of logistics systems for the factory, warehouse and distribution center, says it’s currently installing technology to help companies provide same-day delivery.

Dematic technology called RapidPick is an operator workstation with machinery that delivers items to the operator in a configuration that allows for a high rate of throughput and accurate order assembly. This enables retailers to quickly pick items and send them to a shipping company within minutes of when the order is placed.

Dematic says that according to a recent report from The Boston Consulting Group, given the option, 51 percent of respondents would use same-day delivery for last-minute gifts.

“Customers are looking to same-day delivery to provide convenient and affordable service,” said Mike Khodl, vice president of solution development at Dematic. “In an age of instant gratification, retailers need automation and intelligent software within their warehouses to deliver to customers immediately. We’re on a path where same day delivery will become the norm. By investing in back-end fulfillment solutions, a retailer gains a competitive edge with its consumers who demand the correct product, in as little time as possible.”

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