DETROIT (WWJ) – After a number of hours, a fire on Detroit’s east side is now out.

The two-alarm fire started at the Chemical Technology Inc. plant on Mt. Elliott near McNichols, around 2:30pm Thursday. Owner Gerard Weber telling WWJ that a small fire started in an area of the building and then grew. He and others got out and called 911. Weber expressing frustration because he says it took firefighters too long to get there.

“We waited and waited, then by the time someone got here, it was probably 30 minutes to 40 minutes. By the time they started actually putting water on the building it was almost an hour,” says Weber.

His company, which has been around for 20 years, is a supplier for the auto industry. A company spokesperson says nothing in the smoke was dangerous to the public, but authorities issued evacuations after declaring the fire a Hazmat Level 3 situation.

Lou Calabrese is a consultant with the company and says there was no immediate danger from the smoke and fumes.

“It’s okay. I mean, other than if you just sat there and breathed in any kind of smoke, no matter if it was Hazmat or not, it would definitely be a health threat,” says Calabreeze.

Calabrese says the fire is not toxic to the community because it was comprised of organic compounds.

No one was injured. But, as a precaution, more than a dozen residents have been temporarily displaced as crews continue to monitor the situation. The Red Cross of Southeast Michigan is assisting those residents.


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