DETROIT (CBS Detroit) – Eminem says his just-released album almost didn’t happen — joking that he was a little too lazy to work on it.

In an interview with French radio station NJR, the Detroit rapper said producing, collaborations, and other side projects monopolized his time so much over the past three years, he just didn’t have time for other things such as recording The Marshall Mathers LP 2 — or personal hygiene.

“Now that the album is done, I’m going to shower,” said Eminem, speaking through an interpreter.

Eminem describes the album, which shot to the number one spot on the Billboard 200 chart, as “kind of a revisitation to the Mashall Mathers LP, the first one, but sort of a 2013 version; maybe showing more of where I’m at now, but with similar topics and subjects revisited from the first one.”

It’s “the exact same. but very different,” he said.

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