By Christy Strawser, digital director
DETROIT (CBS Detroit) Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Coach Greg Schiano made himself available to Detroit media Wednesday to talk about the big game this weekend, candidly chatting about Reggie Bush, coaching strategy, the offensive line and more.

He even took on MRSA — briefly — and then slammed down the phone before anyone could follow up on the controversial topic.

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Dave Birkett of the Free Press started that thread by asking Schiano if the MRSA situation “has been taken care of.”

“There’s so much misinformation about that whole issue, not just in our instance, but in general, the fear that people, really a lack of understanding,” Schiano said, adding, “MRSA is everywhere, you know, and it’s a matter of practicing good habits and hygiene and all of that stuff. But yeah, I think we’re doing fine with that.

“Unfortunately, it affected some of the players and their health and it affected certainly our environment here as far as distractions go, both those things. I’m glad that’s in the rear view mirror and this team’s doing nothing but looking forward …”

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Just as he seemed poised to say more, Schiano rushed into this ending, “Guys, I appreciate it, see you on Sunday.”

The phone was slammed down, and reporters started to laugh nervously. “How long was that?” one of them asks. “Not even six minutes,” another says. Hear the entire interview HERE. 

Three Bucs players were confirmed to have contracted the infection, and  a report emerged in early November that Bucs right guard Davin Joseph was actually the fourth Bucs player to contract MRSA. He denied the report, saying he had a staph infection, not MRSA. 

Here’s another reason it’s a hot topic in the NFL: Former Browns receiver Joe Jurevicius sued his team after a MRSA infection in his knee kept him from playing for a year.

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MRSA is an antibiotic-resistant, contagious skin infection that can quickly pass from skin contact in close quarters like schools, day cares, and locker rooms. The infection can cause a range of syptoms from an innocuous rash to a life-threatening blood infection.