DETROIT (WWJ) – Plans to board up some abandoned homes in Detroit — didn’t turn out the way a group of volunteers had hoped.

Some 70 Osborne High School students marched in the area of the school calling for abandoned homes nearby to be boarded-up reports WWJ’s Beth Fisher.

Amanda Swearingum

Amanda Swearingum

Senior Amanda Swearingum wants a safer environment as she makes her way to school.

“Well, with these homes, we don’t know what could be inside of them, it could be dead bodies,” she said. “I catch the bus at night-time from school because it’s dark early, and it could be anything inside of there jumping out – to do anything to me. I don’t want anything to happen to me.”

Senior Andrienne Avery says they can cause violence:Det AbanHomes (BFisehr) 1

“Hopefully someone in the government or city officials hear our cries and hear our plea for help in our community, ” said Avery.

He says he’d like to see some entity come forward to help with make the surrounding area a safer place for the kids.

If you know a way to help contact Detroit Public Schools – here’s a LINK.


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