DETROIT (CBS Detroit) Shira Schiff, 55, the athletic trainer for tony Bloomfield Hills High School, turned herself in Nov. 22, on suspicion of rolling a joint and smoking it inside a school office.

Schiff, of Huntington Woods, turned herself in and was arraigned at 48th District Court. She was given a $500 bond and was released pending her next court date.

Schiff has since resigned from the Bloomfield Hills School District, police said.

The incident unfolded after Oct. 18 when a Bloomfield Township school liaison officer was dispatched to Bloomfield Hills High School for a reported issue with a staff member. 

Earlier in the day, a teacher was taking two students to the training room because one of the students had bumped her head, police said.

“As the teacher entered the training room with the students, he observed the trainer sitting at her desk and immediately detected an odor of what he believed was marijuana,” police said.

The trainer was brought down to the principal’s office and questioned about the marijuana. The trainer eventually admitted the marijuana was hers, police said. The trainer took the school officials to the training room and handed over the marijuana and some drug paraphernalia. Statements from school officials indicate they believe the trainer smoked the marijuana on school grounds. After being interviewed by school officials, the trainer was relieved of her duties and sent home.

The Bloomfield Township Prosecutor issued charges for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia on Oct. 24. At that time police were informed that the trainer was not available to turn herself in on the charges, but she later turned herself in.

Was she really getting high at work during school hours? “That is our belief based on statements from staff inside the school,” said investigator Timothy Abbo.


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