DETROIT (WWJ) Like Thanksgiving turkeys, airports are expected to be stuffed for the week of holiday travel, but many say not to expect the same hustle and bustle as in years past.

More people are taking off the week of Thanksgiving instead of flying out the Wednesday before to avoid high ticket prices, reports WWJ’s Ron Dewey.

“The McNamara Terminal is not as busy as I have seen it in years past,” Dewey said, adding a combination of high ticket prices and fewer flights are leaving passengers without travel plans.

“Paying for bags … And the flights are usually packed to the gills,” Joel Dorf of West Bloomfield said, describing the problems of 2013 travel.

Wafa Mackie of Dearborn said she bought her ticket two months ago to get the best fare possible.

For drivers, AAA Michigan says about 1.3 million Michigan residents are expected to hit the road for Thanksgiving this week, traveling 50 miles or more — about the same as last year. About 90 percent of those will travel by car.

Overall, AAA estimates that 43.4 million Americans will travel for Thanksgiving.



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