SOUTHFIELD (WWJ) – It sounds too good to be true, but the author of a new book claims that booze does not make you fat.

The book is called “The Good News About Booze” and in it, British science writer Tony Edwards claims there’s no scientific evidence whatsoever to support the idea that drinking alcohol makes you put on weight.

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The author cities several studies that show regular drinks are usually slimmer than teetotalers.

Providence Hospital registered dietitian Massoun Hamade says alcohol “can” be part of a healthy diet, but only in moderation.

“When you’re trying to change your lifestyle, you’re trying to lose weight, what are the first things that you cut? You cut the things that are the highest in calories in the smallest quantities,” said Hamade.

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“How much are you eating? Are you drinking five glasses of wine? Are you drinking three glasses of wine?  So, really, it’s about the portions,” she said.

Hamade says we tend to underestimate our portion sizes and alcohol is no different.

That glass or two of wine you have with dinner could be adding 300 to 300 calories to your daily intake.

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Learn more about the book at this link.