ANN ARBOR (WWJ) — Rubicon Genomics Inc. Thursday announced new distributors in Europe and Asia for its kits that allow laboratories to conduct sophisticated DNA tests with very small samples.

Three new distribution partnerships have been signed for Europe — Amplitech for France, HPST for the Czech Republic and LuBio Science for Switzerland.

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Rubicon also completed new distribution agreements in Asia and the Middle East — Recenttec for Japan, Prisma Biotech for Taiwan and S.M. Chemical for Thailand. Custom Science will provide distribution services to Australia and New Zealand. An unnamed local biomedical distributor is supporting sales of Rubicon’s products in Qatar.

“These agreements reflect our strategy of enhancing our existing global distribution channel by partnering with companies that know their local markets and are able to provide a high level of technical service and support,” said Rubicon CEO James Koziarz. “They extend our reach in growing sequencing markets around the globe and enable our customers to access our products without the additional cost and complications of shipping from the US to global destinations.”

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ThruPlex-FD Prep Kits for Illumina NGS platforms streamline library preparation for fragmented DNA/cDNA and reduce sample input amounts to picogram levels. ThruPlex-FD’s patented technology delivers a highly efficient and user-friendly process that takes place in a single tube in less than two hours. ThruPlex-FD provides consistent and reliable results for applications including DNA-seq, RNA-seq and ChiP-seq and is especially useful for clinical samples such as plasma and FFPE.

PicoPlex-WGA Kits amplify DNA to yield a highly reproducible library from a single cell. The product is widely used in the IVF market to identify aneuploidy and copy number variation. PicoPlex WGA’s patented technology is optimized for amplification of single copy genomic DNA with input concentrations as low as 15 picograms. The easy-to-use single tube protocol reduces handling errors and background and dramatically improves time to results.

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More information on Rubicon’s distributors can be found at: