DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit police say a teenager was killed while trying to cross a street in a dimly lit area on the city’s east side.

The accident happened Friday morning on Gratiot Avenue near 7 Mile Road. Police say the 14-year-old victim was walking across Gratiot when she was struck by a vehicle. However, police say the girl was not in the crosswalk when she was hit.

According to police, the driver fled immediately after the accident but later returned to the scene and is now talking to investigators.

The teen was rushed to the hospital where she was declared dead on arrival. Her identity was not immediately released.

Reporting live from the scene, WWJ’s Vickie Thomas said it was quite obvious the driver struck a person.

“The driver had to know that he hit someone because there’s a piece of the victim’s clothing or book bag stuck right above a headlight,” she said, adding that there was visible front-end damage on the vehicle as well as a broken windshield.

Ernestine Moore, who is part of a neighborhood patrol, said the area is very dark overnight, with no working street lights.

“I just feel so bad because I actually see the area, you know, when I patrol Gratiot and I see people out at 5 and 6 o’clock in the morning waiting to catch the bus right there. It’s too dark right here in this area,” she said.

Police said another driver was ticketed, unrelated to the accident, after she ignored the flashing lights and yellow police line tape, and drove right onto their crime scene.

An investigation is ongoing.

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