DETROIT (WWJ) – It’s been more than three months now since an A&M Assembly worker went missing — and now CrimeStoppers is hoping you can help bring one Detroit family some closure.

The family of 39-year-old Deago Gaines of Detroit hopes somebody out there knows where their missing loved one is. The family hasn’t seen or heard from him since November 8, 2013. His mother, Clohte Gaines, pleads for the public’s help.

“And I would like to say, if anyone have any information about his whereabouts please call CrimeStoppers. You could be anonymous, you don’t have to tell your name or anything. But just tell where he is, if you know where he is,” she says.

Gaines is the father of five children, and his mom says that everyday his children call asking about his whereabouts. The last time the missing man saw his dad was Nov. 3, the following Friday was the last conversation they had — when they talked about the upcoming Thanksgiving Day celebration. His dad says that’s a very happy time for the close-knit family.

“We sit around and we laugh and we talk about what we used to do when they were very small. And it’s a hurting thing to have a puzzle and you can’t put it together,” says Frank Gaines Sr.

Gaines Sr. says he’s never known the feelings he’s experiencing right now, having a family member missing. Frank Gaines Jr., the missing man’s older brother, thinks Deago was having issues.

“You basically have to edge him on, just like when he came over the day that me and my father seen him, on the third, when he came over that day I could tell he was having problems. But he didn’t speak on it,” he says.

An extra $1000 will be added to the current $1000 offered, if the tip police need to arrest a suspect in this case is received by midnight Thursday. Anyone with information can call 1-800-SPEAK-UP with an anonymous tip.

And along with asking tipsters to call, the family would also like more information from Detroit Police investigators.


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