By Dennis Fithian

What can the Detroit Lions learn this weekend by watching the four divisional games? Don’t turn the ball over, get strong quarterback play and have the ability to run the football.

It must have been like looking in the mirror last week, seeing the Bengals turn the ball over four times in their loss to the Chargers. Matthew Stafford should look at the quarterbacks this weekend and analyze their technique. How many times are these guys in the playoffs, on the big stage, forcing the ball into coverage, throwing sidearm or off their back foot?

Also, Detroit fans should take notice of the success that San Diego has had over the last month running the ball. See how quickly Phillip Rivers gets rid of the ball too.

Seahawks -8 vs. Saints

Seattle did smash both San Fran & New Orleans this year at home. Sean Payton & Drew Brees won’t go down like they did in the regular season tomorrow.
Prediction: Seahawks 23 Saints 20

Pats -7 vs. Colts

Tom Brady just doesn’t have enough around him to beat Andrew Luck by more than seven points.
Prediction: Pats 31 Colts 28

Panthers +1 vs. 49ers

Home team needs a couple big plays from Cam Newton.
Prediction: Panthers 20 49ers 17

Broncos -9.5 Chargers

Doesn’t seem possible that the Broncos could lose this game but Bolts can keep it within single digits by continuing to run the ball.
Prediction: Broncos 27 Chargers 20


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