DETROIT (WWJ) – A new study says your parenting style could play a part in whether your child becomes addicted to the internet.

Greek researchers say young adults who recall their parents as being strict and unaffectionate were more likely to have an unhealthy attachment to Internet use, compared to their peers says WWJ Health Reporter Sean Lee.

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Beaumont Child Psychiatrist Joel Young cautions that, the issue is more about the dysfunctional nature of the parent-child relationship rather than the Internet addiction itself.

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“Children with cold or authoritarian parents do not have a healthy foundation to model their future relationship – so this lack of warmth can color their perspective and lead to social isolation, either by choice or because they don’t know how to relate to others,” said Young.

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He adds that for parents concerned about Internet addiction, the determining factor is whether the Internet takes priority over all other activities and relationships in the child’s life.