By: Evan Jankens

I have been a klutz my entire life, and, yes, I own it. Injuries have seemed to follow me no matter what I do. Playing basketball I tore my ACL, a year and a half later I broke my tibia and fibula when someone landed on my leg.

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I was once in an indoor soccer league and played goalie; that didn’t end well. It’s been noted I don’t have the manliest hands, to prove my point, while playing goalie a shot broke my hand and I had to have surgery to set the bones.

Needless to say I have a metal rod in my leg with multiple screws, also have screws in my right hand from that awesome surgery.

Now I have gotten my unfortunate accidents out of the way, I bring to you my falls here while working for the Ticket.

Below is my first fall. I was walking down the hallway when I realized I had forgotten to do something so I tried to quickly change course and managed to trip over my own two feet, narrowly avoiding hitting my head on a trash can. If I must say so, the roll is pretty darn epic.

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That brings me to today. Our floors had just been cleaned so I thought it would be fun to slide across the floor.

That plan backfired. I didn’t make it all the way across and stubbed my toe on some grout and bam — feet flew from underneath me and down goes Jankens.

All I want to know is: which fall had you laughing more?

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