OXFORD (WWJ) – Students at Oxford High School in northern Oakland County are trying to change the climate at their school.

Members of the school’s DECA Marketing and Business Program decided to take action after seeing some big problems.

“There’s been a lot of exclusion and we’ve even had a few suicides, and there’s just been a kind of disconnect,” said Madison Meier, a senior at Oxford High School and one of the leaders of the DECA Program’s ‘Change The Climate’ campaign. “And participation in school and sporting programs has just dropped.”

Meier and her partner Jenna Seay have been distributing flyers and posters to get kids to connect with each other, by giving them different messages for each day of the school week.

“Monday you try to say ‘Good Morning’ to as many people as you can,” said Meier. “Tuesday it’s a little phrase ‘Talk to you later. Wednesday you say like ‘What’s up?’ Thursday it’s throw ’em up, like give high fives. And Friday you just kind of talk about whatever you want. And it’s all just to get everyone to talk to new people.”

Meier said you can already see the positive changes at the school from the campaign. “Our Spirit Day participation has already increased. And we get more people at sporting events. And you can just tell people are more comfortable with each other.”

The Change The Climate Campaign runs through the end of the school year.


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