By: Jeff Riger

The majority of Tiger players and coaches gathered Thursday at Comerica Park as part of the team’s annual Winter Caravan. Thursday also marked the first time most of the players had a chance to comment on the stunning, blockbuster trade of Prince Fielder in the offseason.

It seemed most players were shocked Fielder was able to be dealt, simply because he had a giant contract.

“Of course you’re shocked because he’s such an unbelievable player,” starter Max Scherzer said. “Usually you don’t see big contracts like that being traded so that was the initial shock. I think it was a win for both sides.”

Detroit first baseman Miguel Cabrera was convinced Fielder would hit better than ever in Texas, saying, “It’s a great place to hit, 50, 60 (home runs), he’s going to hit!”

And then there was right fielder Torii Hunter who spoke at length about Fielder getting traded. Hunter acknowledged that Fielder’s “I got kids” comments after game 6 of the ALCS played a huge role in him being dealt, but he also believed fans took them out of context. “I think fans and media were probably upset with him not having no RBIs and no homers,” Hunter said.

As happy as most of the players seemed to be with the acquisition of second baseman Ian Kinsler, Hunter did want to remind people Fielder could still be missed. “Him hitting behind Miggy created 2 MVPs and then hitting behind Ryan Braun created another one,” Hunter said. “That’s the last 3 MVPs that have been created because Prince hit behind him.”


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