By: Evan Jankens

This past Sunday night had the Grammys live, the NFL Pro Bowl, Family Guy and the only thing I wanted to do was order the WWE’s Royal Rumble on Pay Per View.

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My friend Driz and myself spent $54.99 on this PPV, was it worth it? No, it wasn’t one bit. I wanted to see an old WWE Superstar enter the Royal Rumble. I guess I kind of got my wish as Kevin Nash (formerly Diesel) entered the Rumble and was quickly eliminated.

Click here to see the video *WARNING — Video has strong language — NSFW*

The big attraction of the Royal Rumble to most was the fact that Batista was returning to the ‘squared circle’. I guess it’s cool but people had to figure he was gonna win the darn thing since all the billing was towards him. The winner of the Rumble takes on the WWE Champion at WrestleManina 30.

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One fan took Batista’s win hard. This poor guy couldn’t believe Batista could win after not being in the WWE for years.

The one thing I took from this video is the amount of DVDs this dude has and why are they all still in the wrappers? Another great part is when he starts ripping stuff off the walls in his own home.

This video still isn’t as good as ‘it’s still real to me damnit’ video!

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