By Mike Stone

Coming off their epic collapse, the Detroit Lions announced a new ticket policy for 2014, with prices changing for premium and non-premium games. Variable pricing based on the quality of game is not a novel idea, but it is a good one. I have no problem charging more for the big games such as Thanksgiving. I applaud the drastic reduction of pre-season game prices. However, the majority of season ticket prices have been raised an average of about 8 percent — and I think that’s a disgrace. 

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I am sorry about the fact that they upped the prices coming off losing six of their last games. It’s appalling. In fact, it is downright arrogant. While it is true,the Lions average ticket price is in the lower third of the league, I think the timing of this is absurd. If they had not gagged the season away and had made the playoffs I would have understood it completely. However, most Lions fans left the 2013 season with a bitter taste in their mouth and this just rubs salt in the wound, especially since season ticket holders had to pay for playoff tickets that never occurred. The Lions credited ticket holders’ accounts for 2014 renewal while collecting months of interest.

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It is true the Lions are entertaining. They have several stars and some who have a chance to be stars, and yes, we live in a capitalistic society based on supply and demand. The majority of  Lion fans are still going to buy tickets and those with season tickets will renew them. I know.

I am one of those fans who is addicted to the Lions. I can not get off the Lion drug. I will be there every Sunday buying my overpriced Bloody Mary, eating the food and waiting in line at the bathroom, missing the action because they refuse to put video or even the radio broadcast in the rest room.

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The Lions continue to push their less than stellar product to addicts like me and this time it is going to cost me more. Shame on me and shame on the Lions.