DETROIT — (WWJ) After taking a year off, General Motors is returning to the Super Bowl with a big focus on its Silverado pickup truck.

VIDEO: Chevy Silverado Super Bowl Ad “Romance”

“The Super Bowl is probably still one of the few places that people tune in to watch the commercials,” says Chevy Cheif Marketing Officer Tim Mahoney.

Chevrolet will have two ads in the Super Bowl. While they are keeping one a secret, Chevy released the other ad, entitled “Romance,” which it calls “A charming story about a man, his truck and a new bachelor in town.”

The bachelor, in this case is a bull, being transported in a new Silverado HD, to a ranch where he meets his love interest, or love interests.

Both Chevy ads will appear in the first quarter. Chevy will also run ads in the post game show, and will present the Super Bowl MVP with a new top-of-the-line Chevy Silverado HD.

Last year, GM made a lot of attention when it declined to run an ad in the Super Bowl, complaining the rates were too high. Mahoney, who was not with the company at the time, said he couldn’t comment on that decision. But, he did say Chevrolet is in a different position this year.

“We’re in the midst of a significant product cadence, product launch, 13 products over the last 13 months.”

And, as a prime profit center, the Chevy Silverado is arguably the most important of those products.

Over the last few years, auto companies have become major advertisers in the Super Bowl. Some brands release their ads early. Others, like Chrysler, keep their plans a closely guarded secret.

The key is to get as much attention as possible, and get people talking about the ads on social media. Mahoney says they will be monitoring Twitter and Facebook to see what kind of reaction the Chevy ads provoke.

“I think it really is about monitoring the conversation, and learning from it.”

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