LANSING (WWJ) – Ending what may have been the worst-kept secret in Michigan politics, Governor Rick Snyder is set to announce he’s running for re-election. It’s been widely expected, but now WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick has learned Snyder indeed wants four more years.

“Basically this is an announcement tour to formally say he is a candidate. I’m a little surprised that it’s coming this early, traditionally incumbents wait just a little bit longer,” says Skubick.

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The announcement tour will come right after Snyder’s Super Bowl commercial on Sunday.

“He will likely get on the Nerd Mobile on Monday morning, likely in Detroit, and begin a two-day tour of the state to announce indeed he is a candidate for governor. This, of course, comes on the heels of his Super Bowl ad. Lookit, you don’t spend a million dollars on an ad if you aren’t running for governor, but it does end the speculation,” says Skubick.

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The tour is expected to start in Detroit, and also hit Lansing and Grand Rapids. Snyder’s likely democratic opponent is former Michigan congressman Mark Schauer.

“People in this town will be a little surprised that it’s coming as early as it is because normally incumbents wait for as long as they can to make the announcement. But apparently the governor has decided this is the time to do this. The other side, Mark Schauer’s campaign, issued a statement basically saying ‘it’s clear Republican Rick Snyder is desperate to start his re-branding tour,'” says Skubick.

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But Skubick says this governor is obviously anxious to get on the campaign trail, and he’ll do so on Monday with the announcement tour.