By: Eric Thomas

If reports are to be believed, Prince Fielder, since becoming a Texas Ranger, has lost 40 lbs, cut his hair, and appears to give a rip about baseball in ways that it appeared he never did when he spent two years with the Tigers. Adrian Beltre has said that Prince will be the American League’s next MVP.


At least he’s doing well.


Detroiters probably want to pick up pitchforks and torches when they hear this, but maybe we shouldn’t take it personally. For whatever reason–paternal memories, internet rumors involving family turmoil, unsupportive fans, pressure from the increased money–it’s clear that Prince Fielder hated his time in Detroit. Fans in Detroit seemed ready to stage a parade when it was announced that Fielder’s time in Detroit had ended, and as time goes on, it seems Prince would have been perfectly happy to lead the procession.


If he does have success in Texas, which is likely considering the short porch in Arlington, Fielder will immediately become the most hated Detroit athlete in history. It’s not even close. Is there any ex-Detroit athlete that could be more hated than Fielder?


Sergei Fedorov — Give me a break, you just wildly applauded him at the Alumni game. Sergei left the Red Wings under suspicious circumstances, wanting to be the biggest star on a team so he could get more allocated resources and fame, but at least he kissed a few cups along the way. He was a whiny superstar with talent and Anna Kournikova on his arm. We cheered and lived vicariously through him while he was here and we couldn’t stay mad forever. Fielder? He will never be looked at the same because he folded like a kicked tent in the playoffs.


Juan Gonzalez — He’s the perfect example of everything hateable about athletes. The Tigers acquired him in what was considered a blockbuster deal, when they sent NINE players to Texas in exchange for the 31 year old outfielder. In his time with the Tigers he gave absolutely nothing back to the team, famously demanding that the Tigers change the dimensions of Comerica Park. He won’t be hated as much as Fielder. Why? Because no one cared about the Tigers when Gonzalez was on the team. Plus, he was kind of an idiot, when he turned down the Tigers’ eight year, $140 million dollar offer (thank God) he did the team a massive favor: he saved them team from their own bad ideas.


Scott Mitchell — For Lions fans, his name brings actual pain. He had one good year, and spent the rest of his time whining, eating and throwing interceptions. When Lomas Brown said that he intentionally got Mitchell knocked out of a game, the NFL establishment recoiled and Lions fans largely applauded. But will Fielder be hated as much as Scott Mitchell? Not a chance, because he just lines up with the rest of Lions failures. Fielder was supposed to be the highly final paid piece (the final piece) of a puzzle that ended with the World Series.



What do you think? Who will be the most hated ex-Detroit athlete? Is it Fielder?


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