By: Evan Jankens

A few weeks ago we found out that the toilets in Sochi for the Winter Olympics will be paired and you won’t be able to use these toilets while sitting alone.

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Today we find out there are more rules for these toilets.

It seems that the only appropriate way to use the restroom is to sit down. According to the sign there will be zero vomiting (so do this outside?), dudes can’t stand, it also appears you can’t fish in these toilets… What if you drop your keys or cell phone? I guess you will just have to use your hands.

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Not only are the bathrooms a little odd, but check out where some of the hockey players will be staying while in Sochi. It’s not your normal luxury suite that some players may stay in while on the road in the NHL.

I don’t even know if summer campers stay like this…

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It’s not like this is just anyone staying in their rooms  — it’s the Canadian Olympic team. I’m sure Mike Babcock will sleep just fine in a twin bed.