Sylvia Hubbard (Courtesy Sylvia Hubbard)

Sylvia Hubbard (Courtesy Sylvia Hubbard)

DETROIT (WWJ) – They call her the literary diva due to her passion in reading and writing. Sylvia Hubbard founded the Motown Writers Network and the African American Electronic Literary Network.

Hubbard is a romance writer and has authored 30 books of her own.

“I want everybody to love reading,” she tells WWJ’s Stephanie Davis. “My mother put it in me a long time ago, just the power of words, just everyone fall in love with every single letter of the alphabet, 26 times, over and over again. That’s what I view my role in the metro Detroit area – is to get a book in every child’s hand and encourage adults to read more.”

Hubbard’s influence in Black History is another author, nationally known premiere writer of African American historical romance, who happens to be from Detroit: Beverly Jenkins.

“When I saw her standing around her books, I knew at that point, that I could be a writer as well and that really inspired me. It was an honor when I finally met her … I went into a room – she was talking and … she said, ‘Sylvia, I love you’ and I was like, ‘I love you.'”

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