DETROIT (WWJ) – A yoga instructor is trying for a world record this month: 3,000 people doing yoga on the field — at Ford Field.

Eric Paskel says about 1,000 people have already signed up for the class, which will even include a Detroit Lion or two. Paskel says the class he’ll teach will be something that anyone can do, no matter the fitness level.

“It is a therapy really,” said Paskel. “From the bottoms of the feet to the top of my head and inside-out.”yoga Paskel

Paskel, a Detroit native who lives in California, has been in town checking out the venue.

“I got on the field,” said Paskel, “and we mapped out what it is going to be like and where the mats go. There won’t be a blade of grass that you can really see. And it’s powerful. It was really, really exciting, looking up in the stands.”

For Paskel, who owns the Yoga Shelter chain in metro Detroit, yoga is all about finding your “edge.” That means anyone can do any pose by finding the point where they are working as hard as they can for their own bodies. Someone who can’t reach their toes, for example, will get the same, or even better, workout than someone more flexible who is not working as hard.

The world record attempt will take place February 22, and Paskal says they’re even organizing some bus tours so those who participate can tour downtown as well. You’ll need to bring a mat, some water, if you like, and a towel.

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