By Marisa Fusinski

DETROIT (CBS Detroit)  –  There are loads of links on the web where you’ll find lists of good Valentine’s Day ideas, so we thought we’d go out on a limb and offer some bad ones.

— Any Coney Island: Ground beef heart, cheap hot dogs, and pungent raw onion —the coney dog is a staple in metro Detroit. But, even forgetting the fact that these places don’t usually offer the most romantic atmosphere, these ingredients don’t often digest without incident, which may not make for a comfortable evening. Eat anyplace else.

— The Heidelberg Project (Or what’s left of it):  It’s been written that folks have come from all over the world to see this funky outdoor art installation, and it’s even appeared in films. That being said, this unique Detroit attraction has been left a little charred, and a lot depressing, after it was set on fire something like nine times in the last year. If your special someone is into art, try the DIA.

— Michigan Central Depot (“The Train Station”): It looks beautiful from afar and urban exploring is hot with the hipsters… but it’s best not to get too close to this place. Basically abandoned since 1988, it’s falling apart. As The Ticket’s webmaster Evan Jankens so eloquently put it: “Yeah…you could die.” Save the ruin porn for another day. In the history category, try The Henry Ford in Dearborn. (IMAX is always a good excuse for some snuggling).

— The War-Del Motel: Hey east-siders, this one’s for you! While downtown Utica is kinda a cool place in its own right (Ever notice the sweet water wheel sign? It was designed by a friend of mine), this shifty shack looks like a place of lodging even the least-frequently bathed trucker would avoid. For a decent overnight stay, why not venture into Detroit for a change? The historic Book Cadillac is pretty nice.

— Your Mom’s Place: Listen, I don’t care how good a cook your mama is … no one wants to see the in-laws on Valentine’s Day. Tell Mom you’ll stop by over the weekend, and bring her flowers. They’ll be cheaper the next day anyway.


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