DETROIT (CBS Detroit) What time is it? Where are we? Please don’t rely on the 2014 official Detroit Red Wings calendar for any answers.

Let’s just say, it has some issues.

This came to light when Stoney, Bill and Sara from 97.1 The Ticket were using it to try to figure out their vacation days. And March 31 didn’t exist.

Was it stricken from the records? No, it’s just not on the calendar. Things got even more confusing when they went to April and discovered there were two April 16, 17, 18 and 19. And April ends on the 29th. (God help you if you have something planned for the 30th.)

The calendar has March ending on the 30th, which is a Sunday, then April starts on Tuesday. There’s nothing in between.

Talk about Groundhog Day. Check out the calendar below.




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