DETROIT (WWJ) – More than 700 Delta workers’ jobs at Detroit Metro Airport could be on the chopping block. They could be laid off in April.

WWJ and Fox 2 Business Editor Murray Feldman says the workers might be hired by the sub-contractors.

“Of course nobody knows what kind of pay or benefits the new companies will be offering, it may not be what the former companies provided. Delta says if they can help these people get jobs here they will, if they can help them get jobs other places they will do that. The change is going to take place on April the fifteenth,” said Feldman.

Feldman says that Delta is being very cautious about what they are calling this, they don’t want to call it an outright layoff, in fact, he says, Delta addresses term specifically and denies that this is a layoff.

He notes the people affected are “local people, work for companies that Delta contracts with, these are people who provide service jobs to maintain the cabin and the ramp agents, administrative agents. Airport sources say that Delta has chosen new companies to perform these services and the new companies are going to need people so it’s possible that people who are going to be laid-off could be hired by the new companies.”

Feldman says Delta could potentially transfer crews to other Delta companies.


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