DETROIT (WWJ) – There’s a lot of controversy over whether or not marijuana is dangerous. Now, a new study says smoking pot can be deadly. 

Until now, the argument was that using marijuana could be fatal only if was used in conjunction with other drugs that triggered a heart attack or cancer.

German researchers claim they’ve identified two people who died just from smoking pot.

The team conducted toxicology tests and genetic tests to rule out any other causes of death. Both men died after their hearts started beating either too quickly or too slowly.

The researchers think that change in heart rhythm — called arrhythmia — was caused by marijuana.

Although the researchers think they’ve got proof pot can kill, they’re still not exactly how it can trigger heart problems.

Other experts think these kinds of pot-related deaths are rare, and that the real risks are from long-term effects on young brains.

Previous studies have shown a link between smoking pot and schizophrenia and depression.

Learn more about the research HERE.


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