DETROIT (WWJ) – Secretary of State John Kerry has called Russia’s military incursion into Ukraine “an incredible act of aggression”. WWJ’s Beth Fisher has more on reaction from metro Detroit’s Ukrainian community.

Boris Potapenko is with the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America-Michigan Chapter and he’s asking for America’s help.

“President Obama needs to recognize this and step up, and I truly believe that NATO has to become involved,” said Potapenko. “This is a violence against an independent country, the United States guaranteed Ukraine’s security when Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons and it’s really important that our country help the Ukrainian people.”

Potapenko is worried about family he still has living in Ukraine.

“Even though the threat of Russian troops is in eastern Ukraine, Kiev isn’t that far away and Putin is so unpredictable. He’s capable of anything. He was, he, he engaged in carpet bombing of the Chechen people. He invaded Georgia.”

There are about 40,000 Ukrainians in the Detroit area.


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