By: Jeff Riger

It’s not enough these days to just say that Nick Lidstrom was a great defenseman, you have to go further. How great was he?

People in Detroit think Lidstrom was the greatest to ever play the position considering his longevity, his durability, his leadership and his overall success. The rest of the country will be glad to disagree and say that Bobby Orr was the best, and it wasn’t even close.

We know the stories all too well…

Orr revolutionized the position, he brought offense to it and a lot of it but he got injured and unfortunately didn’t last as long as he should. Lidstrom played a lot longer than Orr, he was never out of position but he wasn’t as flashy and didn’t score as many points.

It’s a tough call.

Of course the one thing that we all can agree on is that Scotty Bowman was the greatest NHL coach of all time.

So who does Bowman think was better? Orr or Lidstrom?

Watch the video to find out his answer.


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