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How many strikes can you bowl in one minute? Watch this YouTube video of Clio, Michigan native Jason Hicks bowling a bunch of 10-pin strikes.

It’s unclear from the video whether Hicks got 12 or 13 before 60 seconds passed, but he’s at least tied the current record of 12. Witnesses say he threw 13 strikes with seconds to spare. (pun intended)

The video starts right after the first strike and ends at the 1:01 mark a few seconds after Hicks released the 13th strike. Cheers and screams from bystanders build with the tally of strikes.

The video recorded on March 7, 2014 has been submitted to Guinness World Record officials.

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(courtesy: Amber Lynn Taylor)

Jason Hicks celebrates throwing his 13th strike. (courtesy: Amber Lynn Taylor)

The famous world record site references an out of date record set in 2011 by Colin Champion in Lake Wales, Florida. Champion threw eight 10-pin strikes in ten throws. Hicks has been talking to the Guinness people and said, “They haven’t updated since the gentleman in Florida threw 12 in August last year.”

The feat was part of an event raising funds for a Luke LeClaire, a second grade Clio Lacure Elementary student who has ALD, a rare nervous system disorder.

Hicks said he will attempt the record again, but a date hasn’t been set.

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Full disclosure: I went to high school with Jason. Go Mustangs!