DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit City Council received a visit from Police Chief James Craig Tuesday.  The top cop outlined his plan to break down individual police precincts into smaller neighborhoods – and putting a cop in charge of each of those areas.

Chief Craig told WWJ’s Vickie Thomas that those cops will play a big part of community outreach.

“Those neighborhood police officers are empowered to drive solutions in partnership with the neighborhood,” said Craig. “That’s the essence of the program – driving solutions, working hand-in-hand with the community, be it a clergy leader (or) business owner.”

He says the precincts are divided into areas, with each precinct having four or five areas and within each of those areas a police officer will act as a ‘mini police chief.’

The Neighborhood Police officer program will have 38 men and women keeping a close eye on the streets.

The centers will be open 24 hours a day, as Chief Craig said he looks to eliminate “the madness of this thing they had going on when I arrived her called virtual precincts.”

The officers selected will get a pay upgrade and wear a select patch identifying themselves as a part of the program.


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