Can a haircut affect your sex life?

Former sex symbol Pamela Anderson tells “Elle Magazine” that she was nervous about chopping her long blonde hair and transforming it into a pixie cut because of how it would affect her sex life. The 46-year-old says at first she thought she looked like a Q-tip or Anderson Cooper, but then realized she felt powerful.

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Read more of her interview here.


Christopher Walken can dance!

The actor’s moves from nearly 60 of his films were compiled together into one video. And, of course, it’s set to the tune of C&C Music Factory’s “Everybody Dance Now.”

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Watch the video.


File this one under “Oopsie.

If you want to see some mortified faces, well I have the video for you. 

A TV station in Denver was showing some Twitter photos from the scene of a helicopter crash in Seattle, but unfortunately not all the pictures were from the scene. The station accidentally aired a very, shall we say, inappropriate picture. At first there was a picture from Seattle, then an Edward Scissorhands, then an omelette and then exposed male genitalia.

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You can watch the video (WARNING: It is NSFW) and read more by clicking here.