BRIGHTON (WWJ) It’s a story you heard first on WWJ: The parents of a Brighton boy with two serious diseases hope to surprise their son with birthday cards for his upcoming 11th birthday.

Since then, people from around the world have responded.

“From Japan, Greece, Australia, Germany and Poland,” says Danya Tyner, the mother of Dominic Tyner, Jr.

Her husband says the birthday cards are also coming in from all over America.

“California, Texas, Kansas – we thought we would maybe just get a few from Michigan. This is huge!”

The parents of Little Dominic Jr. say their son suffers from Eosinophilic Esophagitis, which can mimic the feelings of a heart attack, and Mitochondrial Disease, which prevents Dominic’s body from producing enough energy to live a normal life. With his 11th birthday coming up on March 27th, his parents were hoping to lift his spirits with a few well-wishes for their son.

They didn’t expect this.

“We’ve gotten at least one thousand cards, I would say. I’m very thankful and I want people to know we are very appreciative.

“This is beyond our wild expectations.”

Little Dominic just returned from Cincinnati for tests to see how his diseases are progressing.

Those results are expected this week.

In the meantime, the uplifting tone of the cards are making all the difference.

“They’ve written words like, ‘You’re an inspiration; I can’t believe how brave you are.’ They’re all encouraging words.”

There’s still time to write Dominic a card before they’re delivered on his birthday.

SHHHH! It’s still a surprise.

Everyone is encouraged to mail cards to: Lil D Tyner, P.O Box 1627, Brighton, Mi 48116.


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