DETROIT – A bucket full of five adorable, brown-eyed puppies were rescued by The Michigan Humane Society Thursday after they were abandoned in a storage container on Thursday.

Police said they were found near W. Grand Boulevard and Woodward in Detroit, just blocks from the MHS Detroit Center for Animal Care.

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MHS first learned of the puppies after an individual called the MHS Rescue Department to notify them of the puppies’ location. MHS Rescue driver, Chris Ouwekerk, said he wasn’t sure if they were just tossed out, or if someone was trying to carry them to the MHS facility and gave up when they got close.

Ouwerkerk found the container and brought the puppies to the shelter, where they were seen by a veterinarian, given vaccinations, and set up with food, water, blankets and toys.

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Staff reported that they’re friendly, happy dogs.

“It is always disheartening when people make the choice to abandon their animals, leaving them at great risk,” said Debby MacDonald, MHS Chief Cruelty Investigator, in a press release. “It is also illegal to do so. If you cannot, for any reason, care for your pets, please bring them to a shelter where they can receive the care they need.”

One of the puppies, Snowcap, has already found her forever home. Her siblings, Taylor, Dana, Oscar and Raisinette, are currently in a foster home fighting an upper respiratory infection.

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(Photo: Michigan Humane Society)

(Photo: Michigan Humane Society)