Drew, a free agent shortstop, turned down a qualifying offer of $14.1 million from the Red Sox. The Tigers are without Jose Iglesias for the season because of leg issues.

The Tigers would have to yield a first-round draft pick and likely give Drew a multi-year contract to sign him before June.

This is why it would be worth it — for reasons Tigers’ fans may have missed:

1. Drew had a 3.1 WAR (the Sabermetrics statistic wins above replacement, which measures all-around play) in 2013. It would have ranked behind only Miguel Cabrera (7.2), Austin Jackson (3.4) and Jhonny Peralta (3.3) among Tigers’ position players.

2. The Tigers’ are badly lacking left-handed hitters after trading Prince Fielder to Texas, and back surgery to Andy Dirks. Drew, a left-handed hitter, had a .876 OPS last season vs. right-handed pitching. Last season, even with Fielder having a .819 OPS vs. right-handed pitching, the OPS of Tigers’ left-handed hitters vs. right-handed pitching was just .752. Drew’s OPS vs. right-handed pitching would have been by far the best by a Tigers’ left-handed hitter vs. right-handed pitching.

3. Drew turned 31 this week. He is still in his prime.


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