By: Evan Jankens

I figured posting this video is only fitting for me. Back in 2005, I broke my tibia and fibula in half in my left leg. Right when it happened, the first thing I thought was I tore my ACL (tore my right one the year before) but when I looked down I saw a flapping right shin. Not a pleasant sight at all.

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Yesterday, Don Baylor was catching the ceremonial first pitch from Vlad Guerrero at the L.A. Angels home opener. Unfortunately, Baylor snapped his femur. I couldn’t imagine the pain he felt. I also can understand how he tried to stand up. You don’t even know what is wrong before you see it. Click HERE to see the extended video.

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Most doctors will tell you that usually they will see a broken femur from a car crash or some type of motor vehicle accident.